Pocket Akuma Aozo-kun

yeaaaaaaa i’ll never escape -kun

how do i play this?!?!

Pichi-Pichi Idol Sophie-yan… o_o

LOL that’s awesome.. k, i was taught how to play by the amazing Pocket Akuma Aozo-kun!!

So now, behold, my awesome form!!



Kirameku Hime sel-chi

(Sparkling) (Princess) 

.-. whaaaa

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Coffee Duchess

  • aozo:lollll
  • sel:it's 6:30 am aozo-kun
  • sel:i dunno how u have the power to stay up this late
  • sel:i couldn't do it
  • sel:and formulate a straight sentence
  • aozo:EHEHEHE
  • aozo:idk wither
  • aozo:either
  • aozo:u my coffee
  • aozo:yep
  • sel:d'aww ;v; *puts on coffee costume*
  • sel:XD for some reason
  • aozo:lol i thought you were typing sth
  • aozo:my coffee princess LOL
  • aozo:or queen
  • aozo:queen is better
  • aozo:or ducchess
  • aozo:Coffee Ducchess
  • sel:when i hear / smell coffee i don;t think of starbucks like normal people, i think of dunkin donuts
  • aozo:LOL
  • sel:XD lol coffee duchess sounds cool!!!
  • sel:like dunkin
  • sel:XD
  • sel:lol
  • aozo:WELL starbucks coffee is kinda lame since it's got so much sugar and whipped cream LOL
  • aozo:dunkin ducchess
  • aozo:GOTTA SLAM IT
  • aozo:yeah
  • sel:XD
  • sel:that statement pwnz
  • sel:*saves it*


talking about blog theme ideas w sel and we came up with some pretty good ones. BUT WE DON’T KNOW HOW TO MAKE FULL THEMES.  (what good is our compsci education for lmao)

lol ikr *spins in circles* 


Do you ever just

Make a friend and think

I am so glad this friend is mine

yes, all the time

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aozo-kun r u online? XD i’ll be on skype

srry i wasn’t here often enough. my school semester started. T-T *cries*

logging in to skype for a while

my complaint w. tumblr  : the tags

Awesome news, the porn that was spam posted to my blog was removed by the time I woke up this morning. But because of what happened, another issue came to mind and that’s the tags.

The tagging feature on tumblr sucks. 

I have a blacklist app and i blacklisted porno and other stuff that i could possibly think of that i DON’T want to see. Yet it’s totally useless because i see them anyway.
Because no one tags anything properly.

I like tumblr more compared to other blogs because it’s a whole lot easier to meet and be in contact with others. And the fact that it revolves more around pictures and graphics is especially attractive.

Tumblr’s basically a picture-blog community site. And it’s a lot of fun.

But there should be better moderation for more mature material on the site. 

Even if you, personally, don’t care about what a 10 year old sees in this day and age, there are still some people who “don’t want to see it” even if they’re 50-something years old and have seen enough of it in real life to not care. I know it’s the year 2013 and many people (sadly) don’t care much for these types of things anymore (at least in America there are far too many who don’t —andmaybefrancecough). But this is a matter of preference here. XD And even if it’s not porn, there are other things that I also don’t want to see on my dashboard.

Yes, I got several tagging and blacklisting apps,
but as I’ve mentioned before, they’re all completely useless because soooo many people don’t tag their stuff properly. So whether it’s porn, nudity, or even something as simple as posts of a series you don’t like; you’re forced to see it regardless unless you end your friendship with some people and be extremely picky with whoever it is you decide to follow.

I seriously think that tumblr needs to moderate the site better. People who put up mature content should label it as such. And people should learn to tag their stuff better. I don’t tag my stuff because no one’s subscribed to me besides 2 - 3 friends @-@; But for my other blogs where I do expect an audience, I do tag seriously.

So, yes, tumblr.. please work on these issues.. -__-;

P.S. - it’d be nice if there was a way to filter post-types for specific people. Like, if you’re following someone but you don’t want to see their “picture posts”, but you do wanna see their “text posts” in case they wanna talk or something happens or you actually care about what they have to say about life. So.. a way to block their picture-posts but continue receiving everything else to my dashboard in the case that the tagging issue can never be resolved since you can’t really “force” people to tag against their will.

Would also be awesome if there was a checkbox of some sort that you could select if you are posting mature content. And a way to filter out mature content from the media you see on the site while logged in. Most picture/gallery/art sites have this feature. Since tumblr’s like a “picture-blog” / “media-blog”, I don’t understand why this feature was never added to the site over the past year or so.

「Sketch Note」: aoz0ra: a413: testing testingi think my tumblr account is bugged...





testing testing
i think my tumblr account is bugged because my posts don’t show.

edit— well it’s fixed now.. -_-; but everything i did last night is gone… sigh.

yeahhhh we all got hacked it seems :/ you should see my text post to you lol.

uwahhhhh i just went on google…

Ahahaha omfg i guess i should count my lucky stars that i didnt get mine switched w hardcore.. erm. Though there is an abnormally small butt in your tag now lol.
Yeah apparently it’s a Tumblr crash . Though i dont really know where those people are getting their info either??? Haha whateves i’be been studying cant b arsed to look it up lol. Terrible bug tho i bet its sth to do w the new features they were trying to roll in pfft.

P.s. Tumblr phone app is painnnn to reblog text un bejezu.